Larry Tremaine overleden

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larrytremaineLarry Tremaine is overleden. Dat maakte Hans Knot op 1 juni bekend. Larry Tremaine was in 1970 programmaleider van de zeezender Radio Northsea International. In juni 1970 presenteerde Larry Tremaine een dagelijkse show toen de naam van RNI tijdelijk was gewijzigd in Radio Caroline. Later presenteerde hij een wekelijkse Rock & Roll Show op zondagmiddag. Larry Tremaine was ook enige tijd managing director van Mebo Ltd., het bedrijf van Erwin Meister en Edwin Bollier achter Radio Northsea. Na de tijdelijke close down in september 1970 ging Larry Tremaine terug naar de Verenigde Staten.

Edwin Bollier: "Dear Larry - the most beautiful monument that you can get is compassion in the heart of others.' Larry didn't make it to one of the RadioDays in Amsterdam, although he tried to plan it twice. I was in contact with him during the past 13 years by mail and it was always fun to have 'talks' with him about the memories to RNI and Europe in the early seventies of last century."

Paul Rusling: "Very sad news that Larry Tremaine died. Only two weeks ago I spoke to him with a report about the RadioDay in Amsterdam. A very big loss for me, he was very helpful for me in many ways. Good fun and so entertaining to chat with about music. He was a huge man in radio, even though he was only on the air in Europe for a short time. This is so sad."

Foto: Larry Tremaine aan boord van RNI's Mebo II (archief: Hans Knot)

Bron: Hans Knot