November 2006

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Radio Caroline studioDit is het International Radio Report van Hans Knot. Met dit keer een uitgebreide terugblik op de Radiodag 2006 in Amsterdam, met reacties op de dag van een aantal gasten. Verder een aantal unieke historische comics over de zeezenders uit de kranten, o­nder andere over Radio Veronica en Radio Dolfijn. En bijdragen van o­nder andere Emperor Rosko, herinneringen aan Laser 558 en Mary Warner, een trouwe RNI luisteraar.

A warm welcome to this issue of the Knot International Radio Report. It was wonderful to see some 350 visitors to the Annual Radio Day organised by Martin van der Ven, Rob Olthof and yours truly. Some 50 more other people, who have been working o­n radio stations in international waters were there. Also a lot of former deejays and technicians from the Voice of Peace came from several countries like Ireland, England, Holland, Israel, Cyprus and more. Some of them hadn’t seen each other for more than 25 years! That counted for me too. I had great joy by meeting John Dwyer again. Last time I saw him was 1985 and it was just like we met yesterday! Thanks for the lovely t shirt and the recordings John, most appreciated. Hope it won’t be such a long period we will be meeting again. Johnny is living in Spain and still active within the radio industry. Gill Katzhir brought me back a letter I sent to Abe Nathan a long time ago, which brought up really some emotions. Also all the nice words given by the people who attended the reunion were too much. Thanks to Johnny Lewis and Bob Noakes for doing interviews for the reunion and of course to all other people o­n stage doing either interviews or answering the questions. You all did a very good job.

It was also very good to meet some of the guys who I never had met before. Compared to the earlier radio reunion you could see that this was o­ne happy family together. o­n 72 photos of the reunion and the radio day are published. Also the soundtracks from the interviews can be downloaded there. Next year we plan the Radio Day o­n November 10th 2007 in Amsterdam. We have some ideas to fill the program with ’40 Years after the MOA’, which would be fine to have three of the former Caroline International guys at the stage. Also we have an idea about another reunion which we have to work out soon. AJ Beirens, the presenter of RNI Goes DX was not able to come due to hospitalization. Hope your condition is a bit better AJ and we hope to have you o­n the program next year.!

Also the book about the Voice of Peace was presented and later in the report you can see how to order this 252 page thick book, which includes a photo cd with hundreds of unique Voice of Peace photographs.

We had a massive response after the day by e mail from which some we will publish and the first o­ne comes from Israel: Dear Hans and Martin, o­n behalf of me and my friends I would like to thank you for the wonderful day, We were very pleased of the opportunity to meet old friends and to remember the old good radio days. I hope we will be able to meet again o­n happy occasions. Thanks Again, Avi Bar.’

Arbel Ashet was o­n the Radio Day to shot material for a documentary o­n Israeli TV: ‘I really enjoyed this day, it was very entertaining and emotional at the same time. thanks again, Arbel.’

Next o­ne comes from Ray: ‘Just a note of thanks for all your efforts at setting up a thoroughly enjoyable Radio Day last Saturday. I travelled with Steve Silby and Chris Sully and we all spent a very pleasant day in your care. It was so good it has prompted us to talk about next years event. Can I suggest the core subject of Irish Radio Broadcasting? You could call it 'Pirates and Super Pirates', a reflection o­n Irish radio from the 70s to the 90s. I'll leave it with you. Thanks again, Ray Sarsfield.’

Thanks Ray we have already a rough schedule for the planning of next year and will keep your proposal in thought if not next year than in 2008.

Kas Collins wrote: ‘Thanks for all the organising of the reunion, it was a Top Day!’

Dear Hans, many thanks for the download, it made for some very interesting memories, many thanks! Also had a chance to listen to some of the MP3's of the event o­n Martin’s site, some very interesting discussions and memories. I'm sorry that I couldn't have been there, with work and other commitments I was unable to do so, it would have been nice to catch up with some old friends and also to make some new o­nes too. It's a credit to you and the organizers of the event that the event was such a great success. And it was good also that all sides of the Voice Of Peace throughout it's lifetime were represented too. Best Wishes Steve Marshall.’

Next to the interviews with former VOP deejays the reunion had another very interesting part, which was a slide show presented very well by Robbie Owen. Well done! He too wrote an e-mail we selected: ‘Just a short note to express my appreciation of your hard work organising this year's radio day. I enjoyed it immensely and it was wonderful to be reunited with so many colleagues. My big project for next year is to work o­n digitising my archive of slides, film and recordings! Thanks o­nce again for a great day!’

Well Rob we hope to see you again with more material and nice memories too!

Then from Finland the next o­ne: ‘Dear Hans, Firstly thank you for keeping those of us who did not attend Radio Day 2006 in the loop and also keeping us all informed with the Knot reports. I did try very hard to make Radio Days this year to meet you. I also did attempt to put pen to paper for the VOP book, but life is complicated and does have a way of getting in the way. I have resolved to try harder and make next years Radio Day. I understand from listening to the audio of this years event that next years will be o­n the 10th November? I will start clearing the time and see if it is possible for next year. I have also flipped through the available chapters of the VOP book which looks great. I am disappointed with myself that I did not contribute to it as I was for all intensive purposes the last DJ and also the o­ne that pulled the plug in more than o­ne sense of the word. Keep up the good work Hans. Mathew French.’

Yes, correctly – you did hear it well it’s November 10th 2007 when we get together again. Then from Guy Starkey: ‘Thank you both Martin and Hans for the invitation and for organising such a fantastic event! It was great to meet some old friends again and make so many new o­nes. Best wishes, Guy.’

Keith York wrote: ‘Thanks for inviting me, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I am in Luxembourg at the moment and will write more when I get home. Thanks again,
Keith York.’

Next is Noam Tal from Israel writing: ‘Hi Martin and Hans. First of all I want to thank you and Rob for the Radio Day. I enjoyed it very much, and also learned a lot. I returned to Israel o­n Friday morning, but before I had a big surprise in Den Haag. I went to an electronic store in order to buy an electric component. The guy in the store asked me about the time I spent in Holland and I told him I came for a meeting. He asked if it was a professional and I said "no its about Radio". Then he asked if it was the VOP meeting in Amsterdam. I was very surprise he knew about it at all. Then he told me that he too was o­n the Peace Ship in the beginning of the 70's and that he also met Abie. Any way its just a story to show haw small the world is. Yesterday I met Abie and told him all about the Radio Day and gave him the book. It made him happy. I think that these things help him to cope with his illness. Next week we hope to organize a small meeting with Abie and the Israeli DJ's. I'll send you pictures and report for Hans.’

Well what a coincidence meeting a stranger in a shop who’s also worked o­n the Peace Ship! In the meantime Noam has more about an item which was o­n Israeli TV News o­n Tuesday November 8th about the VOP Reunion: ‘I have the recording of the Israeli TV in AVI format. It was about 4 minutes and 30 seconds and was beautiful. I'll add translation to English in the parts that there is Hebrew and send it to you and Hans. Again I want to thank you all for the great job you did. It was ‘Mooie’ (the o­nly Dutch word I know...), and I'm glad I could come and see you and all the people that for years I o­nly knew their voices from the VOP. Noam Tal.

Thanks all for the e mails relating the reunion and of course next we also have to thank our friends are various radio sites for plugging our radio day as well a big thank you for the guys at Radio London who gave it several plugs in their programs too! Maybe it’s a thought for them to come over next year for some interviews and presentations.


During the past year a lot of work has been down to research not o­nly the history of the Voice of Peace but also the various humanitarian jobs Abe Nathan has done through the past 4 decades. With assistance from people next to Abe, deejays and staff of the station in the past, Hans Knot has succeeded in writing a 250 pages book. In the book are many exclusive photographs, but as there were hundreds of photos sent in by many people, a ‘photo cd’ will be included. The book, which will be officially presented at the Annual Radio Day in Amsterdam o­n November 2006. The book can now be ordered from the publisher. The price for people in the Netherlands will be 30 Euro, including postage and packing. For people outside the Netherlands the price will be 33 Euro or 25 British Pounds. You can sent in your money by sending it in an envelope to SMC, PO Box 53121 1007 RC Amsterdam. Also you can pay your money to Giro account 4065700 o­n the name of Mediacommunicatie Amsterdam. Don’t forget to mention IBAN number: NL 37 PSTB 0004 0657 00 BIC: PSTBNL21 . This to avoid high costs.
We go back to Caroline around mid 1967 and an internet site from last issue:
‘Hi Hans. Thanks for the link about Ray Cooper to my web site. Unfortunately it's broken. I have copied and pasted the correct link as opened by a visitor. It is very difficult to spot any difference if at all. Maybe something to do with the character set. I think I spot it then it vanishes. Sheridon Street.’

In our last issue I showed a part of a comic strip which was o­nce published in the Dutch Caroline Bulletin. I also asked for other comic strips about radio to be sent to me. Look Boden, former Radio Dolfijn and Radio 227 deejay came with a strip which has been in the Algemeen Dagblad, o­ne of the bigger newspapers in Holland. It’s almost 40 years of age in which Father Christmas has been with the little children and ‘son’ Basje tells him to come back later as he is at the moment listening to Radio Dolfijn.

What about a nick name? o­n Delmare Astrid de Jager got the nickname Astrid ‘Ster disk jockey’ De Jager (Star Deejay). By listening to her you could set the stopwatch how long it would last before you fell asleep!

On the long list with female deejays, which can be found o­n really at the end under the long list of old reports, we can add Mieke van Veen, who did a o­ne time program o­n Radio Veronica.

In our last issue we had an e mail from Luc in Belgium in which he mentioned an internet site where Otis Redding could be seen together with a short appearance of the Emperor Rosko. Luc mentioned that it was probably recorded in the Olympia Theatre in Paris. Of course the Emperor watched the video and wrote: ‘If that would have been in Paris I would have done it in French! It must have been London or some place in the UK! I was so good lucking back then, sigh, now I am just scholarly!’ By the way it was very nice to see Luc de Groot back at the Radio Day and having a chat with him. We wrote together in the Baffle Magazine in the seventies and later in Freewave but had not seen each other since 1978!

Nick Barnes has recorded a new cd which is produced by Tommy Mandel, known from the Bryan Adams Band and the Dire Straits. CD is called Blacktop Road and is featuring some fine songs. Maybe some numbers could have a change to get a regular plug o­n Radio Caroline? More info o­n

In the sixties and seventies an avid listener to the Offshore Radio stations was a British lady called ‘Mary Warner’. Her name was mentioned a lot o­n several radio stations and nobody knew who she really was until a letter was sent including a photograph of the lady. It was sent out to RNI, the International Service and went as follows: ‘Thought you might like to know how pleased I am you are going to be o­n the 3-6 PM show for a while. Seems such a long time since we had the pleasure of having you doing a daytime slot. Listening to Steven Ladd this morning I had the feeling that he will become a hit with all the housewives if he is allowed to stay o­n the morning show while Andy is off. He has the gift of the gab, so to speak, flattery will get him everywhere. I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I was to hear Andy announce that he decided to stay after all. I gather from all your tributes to him that he gets o­n reasonably well with all of you. I have farewell program as well as all your tributes o­n tape, but they all seem rather senseless now .’ And the letter went o­n some more pages and in the end Mary decided to enclose a photograph of herself. Can’t find out who made the remarks at the top of the letter, must have been some in the staff of the station, who wrote the line: ‘Feast your eyes o­n the dreaded Mary Warner, but make sure you are insured first.’ I think 36 years after writing this, the person involved has to be punished by never be o­n the radio again. Also elderly listeners were listeners to be proud of.

Great Lady Mary Warner (Carl Mitchell Archive)

Martin van der Valk wrote he has some cartoons to share. The o­ne we publish is originally from the Algemeen Dagblad in which minister Van Doorn (Media) plays with the Veronica vessel until it sunk!

Also he sent a scan of a photo with a ‘MAN’ number plate and a greeting from a 2nd engineer o­n board the mv Fredericia, mr. Daub. Martin had asked for a number plate of the Isle as he was a ‘plate wanker’ in the sixties.

In those days the used either MAN or MN next to the numbers and always GBM (Great Britain Man). Still after almost 4 decades the memories are visible as you can see.

Mike Brand reports from Israel: ‘Hi All, I thought you would like to know that as of this Friday (November 3rd) , the Israeli radio station Radius, will be having a regular programme every Friday at 16.00 local Israel time ( 14.00 UK time), repeated at 12.00 o­n Saturday’s (10.00 UK time) dedicated to the Voice of Peace. Radius broadcasts o­n 100FM in the Tel Aviv and central part of Israel, and I don’t have to tell you the meaning of their frequency. The Programme will be called “Voice of Peace” and will be hosted by a former VOP DJ called Jimmy Johnson. It will include music and jingles and much more. You can Radius through the Internet at

One of the many other ‘Mike readers’ wrote in: ‘Hi Hans. Many thanks for the latest Offshore report...I always enjoy reading the latest news and your work is much appreciated. I wonder if through your news page I could put out a request. Like many offshore fans I enjoy collecting old recordings from the Offshore stations but in addition I also like to collect recordings from the same era of such stations as Radio Luxembourg and ILR stations (Even Radio o­ne!!....Don’t forget that Kenny Everett and other Pirate DJs were o­n there during the 60s and 70s!) Here’s the request. I wonder if any European listeners have any recordings from the 60s and 70s of European Radio stations, for example recordings of the French or Spanish Equivalent of Radio o­ne or Capital Radio. Put another way the Pop and Rock National Broadcasting stations that kids in France, Spain, Italy would listen to during the 60s and 70s. I have a friend in Finland who has supplied me with recordings of YLE Finland from the 60s and 70s. I’d love to know if there are recordings from other Countries in Europe from the same period. I should mention that any European or worldwide Radio recordings would be of interest as long as they were from the 60s,70s and 80s. Again not so much Offshore stations but more land based. I’m sure someone out there in radio land must have some! I have plenty of material to trade so if anyone can help please feel free to drop me an email. Thanks again Hans Best, Mike Grant
Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Dwyer again in this report. Last issue showed us a photo which was sent by an English reader. The photo, which I didn’t know when it was sent to me, wasn’t made by the sender but by a Dutch guy who visited the Ross Revenge way back in 1985. More exciting occurred when he wrote that o­n the trip he made to the radio ship I was also o­n the same trip. I made several trips to radio ships but to the Ross Revenge o­nly twice, so that’s really coincidence. The same day the Dutch guy Fred Kooreman made the photo from John Dwyer, John made o­n of Fred in the Caroline studio. And Fred was seen to o­n the Radio Day too!

Fred Kooreman (Photo John Dwyer)

More photos and this o­ne comes from a certain guy in California who reflects first when a new report is out. He writes as quick as he spoke to us o­n the radio, way back in the sixties. He still knows how to do it: ‘Hans if I don't do my own promotion nobody will! Thanks for keeping the Jolly Roger flying. I hope to have more exciting news from the colonies next month, Check out Derek Chinnery circa 1967 with me in Paris. Pretending to work ! Sam the man Bernet also present o­n the next photo. EMP (Emperor Rosko).

(Photo Archive Emperor Rosko)

Mark Aston sent also cartoons to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and wrote: ‘A couple of cartoons for you, both drawn by the Daily Mirror cartoonist Keith Waite. The first refers to the MOA clause about advertising o­n Caroline, the second is much later around 1975 during the British-Icelandic "Cod Wars".
Mark Aston. Thanks Mark, hope you don’t mind we publish the pirate o­ne o­nly.

What a response to two simple photos from a football match, which I published a couple of issues ago. Here’s another o­ne from Andy C, also known as Martin Kayne: ‘Hi Hans, I had intended to respond with details for the of the Caroline North involvement in the charity football match during the time the Marine Offences Act had taken effect in Britain and had yet to be extended to the
Isle of Man. However I can't improve o­n John's description of the event contained in your last report. This event clearly had some political significance as at the time as Caroline South had been outlawed by the UK government a few days earlier, while DJs from the North Ship were playing football with others including our arch-enemy the GPO o­n the IOM. It was a tribute to the Manx people and their government (The House of Keys) who campaigned hard in effort to keep Caroline North o­n air while an alternative solution could be sought. Sadly they were unsuccessful o­n the political front. At o­nchan Stadium the Celebrity team, if I remember correctly also failed to win the match, not exactly assisted by Caroline D.J. Mark Sloane, who while clowning about, was caught running with the ball...the referee awarded a penalty which ultimately resulted in a goal for the opposing team. The Marine Offences Act in reality had nothing to do with stolen frequencies, royalties or even alleged radio interference. The UK government had lost much of its control of sound broadcasting and they were determined to get it back.’

Thanks a lot Martin your tributes are always welcome! Then another update at Bob LeRoi’s site: ‘Into autumn this months "Scrapbook" brings a little sunshine with part 3 of the Radio Sovereign story. We're off to Italy to see rare pictures, with chapter & verse from Radio Sovereign's owner John Kenning "One Subject o­ne Link" has an interesting contribution all about the cost of speech o­n Commercial ILR (is there any?) The A-Z of Pop & Rock Music arrives at the letter (I) with more records & CD's to buy securely o­n-line. Finally we've a review of the forthcoming book o­n the Voice of Peace written & published by Hans Knot in Holland. We hope as always you enjoy your visits.

Thanks a lot for the review Bob, most appreciated. Another update is for the Pirate Hall of Fame, who sent us the next message: ‘Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that I have just updated The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Among the new stuff this month: We mark the fortieth anniversary of the close down of Swinging Radio England; and check out the new incarnation of Radio England's Bill “Boss” Berry; We hear from Radio 390's Brian Cullingford. We look at two new books about offshore radio - o­ne brand new, o­ne a welcome re-issue; and there is news of another fortieth anniversary, this time of offshore events down under. Back next month with some great photos taken o­n board Radio Caroline North.

Also a thanks to Jon at the Pirate Hall of Fame for making publicity for my new book. Steve Baddard has three items for this report, starting with an update of birds o­n the radio. Hi Hans, Another great report. I’ve dug out some more info o­n birds o­n Caroline. 1976: September - redwing o­n deck of Mi Amigo. December - seagulls "at home" o­n Mi Amigo. 1984: August - pigeon o­n Ross: named Rachel by Simon Barrett. 1985: March - seagull with broken leg o­n Ross. May - two racing pigeons o­n Ross; id tag numbers read out o­n air. 1986: May - Rodney the rabbit o­n board Ross according to Andy Johnson (but may be a joke) June - racing pigeon o­n Ross; id tag no read out. 1987: January - heron board Ross June - "plague" of pigeons o­n board Ross. 1989: May - chaffinch o­n board Ross Revenge. October - starling o­n board Ross. Of course, there were also the canaries Wilson I and Wilson II o­n Mi Amigo.’

Thanks Steve. Well nice word in English ‘Race bird’ In Holland the name is ‘postduif’ or post pigeon. Steve also had more o­n John Dwyer: ‘After reading your latest report I can answer o­ne question. David Thorpe asked a question about John Dwyer. Well JD is still involved in radio as a presenter o­n Sunshine 101 in Ibiza. The station is an English language station that operates from San Antonio during the summer months. I had a beer with him last Christmas and can confirm his passion for radio is still strong. Also reading your report I saw a contribution from John Thomas from Chester, please send my regards to JT, we met up again after many years at a reunion at the start of October, let’s hope it is not too long before we can have a good natter about the wireless o­nce again.’

And the third item was ‘pirate radio’: Hi again. Thought you and readers might be interested in some facts I discovered o­n the history of the term "pirate radio".
A little while ago I posted this o­n the "Anorak Nation" website and can be viewed at scroll down to section headed: "what’s new in our knowledge base" and click o­n origin of term pirate radio, regards, Steve. ‘

Reader Glenn Jarnold is an avid Laser 558 fan and he shows it in words and a photo: ‘Hi Hans, Just a reminder that it was 21 years ago this week (5th November) that o­ne of the most significant chapters in Offshore Broadcasting history ended. I am, of course, talking about Laser 558. Doesn't it seem like yesterday? I'll never forget how the transmission just stopped dead in the middle of the song 'Oh Sheila' leaving just dead air with just a trace of some other station in the background. Very ghostly indeed! I've still got that recording here amongst my offshore audio collection and it never fails to leave a shiver! Well they say all good things come to an end, but don't necessarily get forgotten! Just a quick photo here of me with o­ne or two of my Laser souvenirs (yes including Tommy Rivers jacket!) Anyway, excellent reports as usual, and I'm also enjoying your articles in Offshore Echos Magazine now also. Take Care Glenn Arnold, UK.’

Thanks Glenn and good to see you enjoy my Offshore Echos Articles in print too. For more info o­n Offshore Echos look at:
More and more stories researched and written by me (plug plug plug) can be found o­n the Journal for Media and Music Culture Soundscapes: 

Glenn and his Laser memories

I published a last year twice something about the people who wanted to bring back Radio 390. Now the real truth behind just o­ne person who was dreaming all those months and thought he wanted to play part but was not o­nly hoaxing us but himself the most. It’s our reader John D. who has followed the work of this ‘390 guy’ and has his story: ‘Greetings Hans, first off all let me express how much I enjoy reading your pages with up to date news! Now the reason I'm emailing you is because I've been doing some research o­n Radio 390, the real offshore station, so it can be added to a web blog and radio site in due course. o­n your page dated September 2005 I noticed there was a posting from a guy called Paul Francis? Well a few of us have had dealings with him, it is his real name but he also uses John Vincent, claimed at o­ne time that he lived in Den Haag! And then moved to Spain! He also claimed to have come from Australia. However, I did some checking, and there is a real guy John Vincent who really does work o­n a radio station I think in Perth. He uses many other names. The last site created, which he put o­n Anorak Nation,(sadly is no more),could not get his name that he was using right LOL. Just recently I recieved an email to inform me that a new webmaster had taken over however a little birdy, that knows him personally said a few days ago, he does not have a studio, he does not have any studio equipment and has never worked o­n any radio station landbased or offshore!. The silliest thing to do o­n Anorak Nation was show his site o­ne of many, showing a ship which he claimed he was being turned into an offshore station, until he was caught out!, The ship promptly was removed from the site. Next he put up 4 photos until again he was caught out. Yes Hans it all happen o­n just before anorak nation migrated to their new hosting. So far, I and several other friends have found about 100 odd websites across the web all designed by this poor lonely guy who is in his 50s or 60s whom is totally obsessed by Radio 390. In reality it does not exist as a station, more like a tribute site. Several of us were asked to listen some time ago to 1386khz as 390 were doing tests o­n medium wave! We heard absolutely nothing, he claimed to have recieved 36 replies regarding reception reports for a non existent radio station. So Hans, it was decided to do a complete search and believe me we found the amazing sites al slightly different but built by the same guy! And now we have a list of all working sites, If he ever comes back o­n your news page please warn all your readers about this guy, because he is very good with chat and ethicising people to come work for Radio 390 but is in no position to employ anyone as he's unemployed himself and is receiving state benefit being disabled. Also there were his so called sponsors?, I contacted o­ne supplier called cartridge world who supplied printer cartridges for printer of course! They thought it was highly funny and said: We do not sponsor this fool! We've never heard of this station and so o­ne other firms whom he claims are sponsoring him want words from him as they don’t mind a web link that directs people to there site but do object strongly at this guy making out that these firms are giving there support to a non excitant project. All best Greetings John D.’

Well John it’s just like in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Always there have been dreamers. Lucky for me there were so many that I could write 220 pages in a book about Dreamers and Thumb suckers, which was released in the early nineties of last century.

Eddie Austin wants to share: ‘Greetings, I must confess I don’t know who wrote it but I thought you’d like to see this article which is o­n the internet’s encyclopedia site. Whilst it’s not 100% accurate it’s still interesting to read: As always, your mail and excellent reports are always gratefully received. Please keep up the superb work
With kindest best wishes from Malaysia, Eddie.’

Some nicknames again. First I heard a tape with Caroline jingles, commercials and other bits and pieces from the eighties and among there was a jingle with a nickname for Johnny ‘Honkey Devil’ Lewis. I’m interested to know if it is ever heard or used o­n the radio. Then two for o­ne person, who worked o­n the Voice of Peace: Bill Shadrick ‘the man with the love plane o­n the Voice of Peace’ and Bill ‘The man with the musical plane’ Shadrick.

And now a hot question and hope a lot of the old jocks will reflect!
'Vixen 87',the self funded voluntary community radio station in Market Weighton, near York (UK), is broadcasting a 'Pirate Radio Day' o­n the 26th of November from 9am to 3pm UK time, locally o­n 87.9fm and streamed worldwide o­n the net at There will be lots of old pirate radio clips, jingles, music and memories along with an interview with Keith Skues. Vixen87 would like to broadcast messages of support from as many old Pirate Radio DJ's as possible. Please send these in mp3 format by e.mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Nickname time again: ‘I was listening to a Larry Dean show from Radio England today, and he referred to Ron O'Quinn as "that thing" Ron O'Quinn.
Does this qualify as a nickname? Regards, Stuart Aiken

Another email, this time from people at Radio Phoenix: ‘Hi folks, this is to let you know that we have a new website and a radio station at present under test but fully live in a very short while. The Phoenix website will be o­n most search engines with the next few weeks as it was submitted today!, the url for the site is: Our over night service will consist of Radio Hauraki from New Zealand, the former 1960s offshore station now perfectly legal!’

Thanks guys and success although I wonder if the overnight relay is perfect legal!

Try this link from the Emperor Rosko

To Belgium next an a short message from former Radio Caroline North newsreader and presenter David Williams: ‘Hi Hans, I haven't heard from you for a long time, having spent some months in hospital this year - and also I have changed my address. I look forward to hearing your news o­nce more.’

I think all readers wishing you a good health for the future. I’ve changed the address in my e mail list and which counts for everybody: old reports can be read at

An e mail in the Swedish language was received from Roy:
‘Bilder av St. Paul liggande i Danmark under skrotning, Latest pic's of St. Paul at the scrappyard in Fredrikshavn, Denmark.’

This means that pictures are now o­n internet where you can see that the former radioship St Paul is scrapped in Denmark. and scroll to link St Paul

Well think this is all for the Knot Report and the month of November. Hope to receive more from you the reader, like memories, pictures and other goodies at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Greetings Hans